Loyal Cougars

BYU’s Big Three powers Cougars in sprint past Stanford, 112-103

BYU outpaced Stanford on its home floor from wire to wire, turning in an impressive road win.

On 31 points from Tyler Haws, the BYU Cougars showed off a high-powered offense in a 112-103 road win over the Stanford Cardinal on Monday night.

Quick microcosm play: There was this play with six minutes left in the first half, when after a long rebound, BYU hit the break. Kyle Collinsworth found himself with a couple of options in, if I remember correctly, what was a 3 on 2. He looked left, saw Frank Bartley IV in the far corner, launched a pinpoint pass that, in one motion, Bartley turned into a calm jumper. He nailed it. Stanford called a timeout. We went to commercial.

As Steve mentioned in his recap of the Weber State win, this team will live and die with the success or failure of BYU’s current “Big Three” of Matt Carlino, Tyler Haws, and Kyle Collinsworth. Other players definitely contributed to this win–Nate Austin and Anson Winder shot the ball well, and Eric Mika looked as great as I imagined he would, both on the glass and on defense–but this win was a Haws-Carlino-Collinsworth triumvirate win. Check it:

Tyler Haws: 31 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals

Matt Carlino: 26 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists

Kyle Collinsworth: 14 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block

What’s that? All you really wanted from this recap was for me to aggregate those numbers into a pretend line for a Transcendent, three-headed SuperPlayer? Well guys, you know I’ve got this:

Hawrlinosworth: 71 points, 20 rebounds, 15 assists, 6 steals, 1 block.

First, on Haws: You take a couple days off from watching Tyler Haws, and you forget that he’s really not an athlete. So then, you spend the first few minutes of a game wondering how he’s going to get his shots off, how he’s going to get his 30 points, or even how he’s going to help BYU at all. But then, what you’ve also forgotten is that Tyler Haws’ entire game is built around getting shots off, clean jump shots, regardless of who is guarding him. Then they start coming, like the roll-off-the-screen-back-cut fadeaway in the deep corner that he drilled over two guys in the late second half or the fastbreak, pull-up jumper that he drained on a dime a couple possessions later, and then you remember: Tyler Haws is the end of your lifelong journey for a Basketball Soulmate.

Second, on Carlino: This was some relentless rim attacking from Matt, ALL GAME LONG. He just kept pounding at Stanford’s interior defense, and pounding, and pounding. It was a determined, powerful, effective assault on the basket, and all game long I kept thinking to myself: “There is no one else on this roster that could do this for us.” Matt Carlino was our perimeter-defense shattering artillery line, our rage-powered avatar.

Third, on Collinsworth: At halftime, I was convinced we were watching the most complete game Kyle Collinsworth has ever played, and it’s only his second regular season game back from his mission. He was intelligent as a passer, diligent as a rebounder, and effective as a scorer, getting into the paint and to the line.

Other notes:

  • The final score–BYU: 112, Stanford 103–was not only a ridiculous obliteration of the Over/Under (155), but also somewhat deceiving. After an 11-11 tie, BYU led this thing from wire-to-wire, and the last 10 minutes of the second half weren’t nearly as close as the score suggests. (It was an 18-point game with five minutes left.) This was a more dominant win than just 9 points.
  • A quality win against a Pac-12 opponent only two games into the season portends a lot of great things for this season. If Stanford has even a decent season, and I think it will, BYU has already gotten a resume-building win.
  • In the interest of prioritizing good process over good outcomes, I should say that as well as Carlino and Collinsworth played tonight, they both missed a wide-open Tyler Haws on multiple trips into the key. When the defense collapses on them, I hope those two will find Haws, who’s an excellent off-the-ball mover, when he’s open. Again, Carlino and Collinsworth played lights-out ball tonight, and even scored on some of those possessions where they missed an opportunity to dish out to Haws, but again, process over outcomes.

BYU sits at a clean 2-0 and prepares for a three-game home stand: Mount Saint Mary’s on Nov. 15, Colorado Mesa on Nov. 16, and Iowa State on Nov. 20.


  1. Joseph Simmons

    November 12, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Nice take. Carlino has gone Sampson on us…………. I wonder what happens when like Riley Nelson, he cuts his hair……………………….. On a side note, did BYU have any dunks? Just curious. I saw Mika with the near miss oop from Kyle but other than that I don’t recall any.

    • Wes

      November 12, 2013 at 9:41 am

      From memory, I don’t think so either.

  2. Wes

    November 12, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Hawrlinosworth – that is hilarious. You had better copyright that one, because I’m about to use it all year long. That is.. if I can figure out how to say it.

    Haws – come on, dude is an athlete! I mean, if athlete means he can run jump or swim – there’s no doubt he can run. Sure, he’s not jumping out of the gym, but have you noticed that he seems to have added a few inches to his vertical last offseason? I’m guessing he’s got a pretty decent 50 fly as well.

    Carlino – Wow. What massive improvement. He was so Jekyll and Hyde last year, I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, but it doesn’t seem to be – and I’m loving it. 10 inches. That’s how wide a basketball is. Somehow, with 3 or 4 dudes all salivating over blocking this white guy’s shot deep in the paint – he always seems to find those 10 inches where he can get it over, under, or past swinging limbs and angry post men. Incredible.

    Collinsworth – I still worry about him bringing the ball up against quicker guards – but he is starting to prove me wrong. What a luxury for a coach… he can do EVERYTHING. I even saw him hit a 20-footer – if he develops an outside shot, his game will officially be insane.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think that Stanford will be middle-of-the-PAC12 this year. I think Powell will make an NBA roster, but I just didn’t see a whole lot of intelligent team play or solid post play. Maybe it was a one-game aberration, but their shooting in the first half (see Weber State) was awful. Weber State, in my humble opinion, was a better team.

    I think the team is itching to get at Iowa State. They served us some humble pie last year. That will be a true test.

  3. Wes

    November 12, 2013 at 10:02 am

    Oh, I REALLY hurt the ankle sprain Mika got towards the end of the game doesn’t keep coming back to haunt us. I don’t think it was a bad one, but when you’re big and that athletic, that kind of injury can come back again and again.