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Best Game Ever: Stories of your BYU fanhood

There have been a lot of great games for BYU sports, and chances are, you saw one in person — perhaps a game that had you saying “that was the best game ever!” as you left.

We want your stories. If there is a game that holds a special place in your heart that you saw in person, tell us your story. Why is it special to you? What was the crowd like? How did you get your tickets? Who did you go to the game with? If you traveled, tell us a bit about the travel. And, of course, detail special plays or moments during the game itself.

Send your stories to bestgame@loyalcougars.com. Tell your best story, and we will gather them up here on this timeline:



Basketball – Feb 17, 1973: Blizzard road trip to see Kresimir Cosic, by Ron Brown


Football @ SDSU – Nov. 24, 1979: The 1st Aztec Beatdown, by Roy Atkin


Football vs. Miami – Sept 8 1990: Heat and a Hospital, by Noel Johnson


Football @ Utah – Nov 24, 2000: Remembering LaVell’s final game, by Greg Welch


Football @ Utah – Nov 25, 2006: Watching from the MUSS, by Jared Crouch


Football vs UCLA – Sept 13, 2008: “59-0” by Jake Welch


Football vs Oregon State – Dec 2009: BYU batters Beavers in blustery Las Vegas, by Pat Hammond


Basketball – Jan 26, 2011: Aztecs Get Jimmered (the first time), by Eric Glem