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Happy Koy Detmer/Kamel Greene Day: 10 Days to Kickoff!

The 2016 Countdown to Kickoff continues with 10 days until BYU’s season opener in Arizona. Each day we highlight the player or two that wear that day’s number on their jerseys. If you check back each day, by the end of the summer you’ll know every player on BYU’s 2016 roster.

Happy Koy Detmer/Kamel Greene Day!
10 Days to Kickoff!

Koy Detmer, Jr.

True Sophomore Walk-on Quarterback (Projected #4 QB)
5’10”, 170 pounds
Class of 2015: Somerset H.S. (Hometown: Somerset, Texas)
2015: True Freshman QB at BYU; Completed 3/3 passes for 57 yards; Rushed once for -9 yards; Appeared in 1 game

Kamel Greene


Redshirt Junior Walk-on Defensive Back (Projected #4/5 Left CB)
5’11”, 189 pounds
Class of 2013: St. Francis H.S. (Hometown: Mountain View, California)
2013: Redshirt DB at Washington State University
2014: RS Freshman DB at Washington State University
2015: RS Sophomore DB at BYU; No game appearances (Scout Team)