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Serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is an important part of personal and spiritual development for members of the church whether they play football or not. In fact, missionary service is one of the reasons that 70% of BYU students speak two or more languages.

BYU Football players are encouraged to serve missions because they return better men. Despite what some critics might claim, missionary service does not create a competitive advantage for the BYU football program. If it did, then wouldn’t all coaches send all their players on two year missions?

Note: In an effort to reduce the offseason workload of maintaining the current/returned missionary lists, the lists provide a snapshot of the missionary situation as of the opening of Fall Camp in August 2015.

Why Do Players Serve Missions?

Returned Missionaries on the BYU Roster

BYU Players Currently Serving

BYU Missionary Maps

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