Loyal Cougars

Former Cougars Rep the Y

Prior to last week’s BYU-Utah football game, former BYU running back Jamal Willis invited all past BYU football players to post a picture on Twitter of the jerseys they wore as players at BYU. Willis kicked off the trend by tweeting out a photo of his own jersey:

Here are some of the responses that rolled in. First was BYU DB (1989-1992) Derwin Gray:

Earl Kauffman, kicker during the Ty Detmer years sent a picture for Willis to post:

Tim McTyer, DB from 1995-96 posted his uniform:

Another DB, Corby Eason (2009-2011) was the next to tweet:

BYU fan Steph Odle posted a pic of her dad’s jersey. Phil Odle was a Defensive End from 1965-1967.

Another kicker, Joe Herrick (1990-1993) was next to join the mix:

Willis called out Derik Stevenson (LB, 1992, 1995-98) and he, of course, responded:

Former OG Tim Hanshaw (1988, 1991-1994) added a twist by having his son, 2017 BYU TE commit Bentley display Tim’s uniform:

The “Arvada Flash,” QB Marc Lyons (1965-1969) posted a picture of his #15:

And you just knew #IAmJackDamuni (DB, 1993-1994) was going to post a picture:

Another former Cougar active on Twitter, former WR Margin Hooks (1996-2000) wore both navy & royal blue for the Cougars:

Hans Olsen (OL, 1996-2000) added his jersey:

That’s all we’ve seen so far, but we encourage former Cougars everywhere to join the movement by tweeting a jersey picture with the hashtag #repcougsjersey. This is a cool trend that hopefully only grows stronger this week and throughout the season.