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BYU vs. Texas Prediction Thread

The Loyal Cougars staff lays down predictions for BYU’s bout with Texas.

Jake Welch
So BYU is playing host to a team that has a physical offensive line, a ridiculous amount of talent at all the skill positions and a QB that can throw and run? This smacks of Florida State in 2009. Our defense is much improved but with Taysom Hill and the offense giving the ball back to Texas at a record pace, KVN and company won’t stand a chance. TEXAS 34 BYU 17

Steve Pierce
I was woefully over-optimistic heading into the Virginia game—and after seeing BYU in person, I’m lowering my expectations moving forward. BYU will be better offensively on their home turf against Texas, but a disjointed offensive line and a few too many mistakes will likely doom them again. TEXAS 17 BYU 13 

Adam Mangum
BYU offense struggles again, and Texas offense makes a couple of big plays. TEXAS 17 BYU 7

Troy Adams
Can the remodeled OL pass protect and win the battle in the trenches? It’s really that simple. TEXAS 21 BYU 17 

Geoff Johnston
Watch for Longhorn fatigue in the 2nd and 4th quarters. BYU’s chances of winning falls largely on the offensive line — if they can avoid getting steamrolled again BYU has a real shot. BYU 17 Texas 16

Charles Kano
Can the offensive line provide the push up front to establish a run game? Can Taysom shake off the poor outing versus Virginia? Most importantly can the fronts seven of the BYU defense get enough pressure of David Ash to keep him from exposing the deficiencies at corner?

Last Saturday as the perfect storm (pun intended) of ugliness for BYU and the Cougars almost walked out of Charlottesville with a W. I expect the real BYU team to show up for the home opener. BYU 34 TEXAS 27

Greg Welch
I would be very hesitant to put money down on this game with knowing Cody Hoffman’s status (if gambling were legal in the United Sates and LDS policy allowed it, of course). With Hoffman, I feel like like BYU has a shot at the upset. Having a third-down converting security blanket would be huge for a young QB and hopefully get the rest of the offense in rhythm. If he still is unable to play, I expect another hard-fought, but ultimately unsuccessful game for the Cougars.
With Hoffman, 17-16 for BYU this time // Without Hoffman, 21-13 for Texas.

Ben Wagner
From what we saw last week the Cougar offensive line is a joke, a platoon of inexperienced (and maybe even untalented) players who simply can’t create push off the ball. While the receivers will be better, look for Taysom’s struggles to continue as he’s chased around the field by the Longhorn D. While I expect the BYU Defense to show up big on Saturday, the offense will fail again against a more talented team, wearing the BYU defense down. TEXAS 24 BYU 10

Brandon Jones
1) Improve on last week’s 30% 3rd Down Conversion rate. 2) Improve on last week’s 32.5% Completion rate (less drops, better protection). 3) Don’t force big plays (eliminate gift-wrapped points like last week’s safety, blocked punt, and interception ). Worst case: you punt it away and let your defense come up with the stop. TEXAS 27 BYU 20

Presten Norton
Will GFGH do more this week than just make our defense take the field with no rest? I think (see: hope/pray) it will. Also, our CB’s are about to find out UVA WR’s don’t quite have the same gears that Texas ones do. That could get scary. BYU 20 TEXAS 17

Brett Hein
Is Hill more accurate? Yes, and pass catchers will be more able this week. Texas will move the ball though, despite a strong defensive effort from the Cougars.
 TEXAS 31 BYU 20

Sean Walker
After wearing a Bane mask four 3 1/2 quarters to contain his unbridled strength, David Ashe finally shrugs it off and goes HAM on the ill-prepared BYU secondary, prompting a one-on-one battle with Kyle Van Noy for the victory. Jamaal Williams is able to gash the Texas front for big gains, but the BYU offense is unable to convert and gain maximum momentum. Justin Sorensen goes 3-for-3 on field goals, then rides off into the sunset on his unicycle. But Mack Brown and Bevo have the last laugh here.

Or … a defensive effort gets ugly, and the Longhorns do just enough to walk out of Provo at 2-0. TEXAS 21, BYU 16

Zach Bloxham
The BYU offense will be much improved in Week 2 notwithstanding a large upgrade in the quality of competition. David Ash and company are stacked on the offensive side of the football and Manny Diaz is a masterclass at instituting a defensive gameplan. Diaz’s D chewed up and spit out sophomore QB Jake Heaps in the second half of Texas’s 17-16 win over BYU in 2011. Can sophomore QB Taysom Hill succeed where Heaps stumbled? TEXAS 26 BYU 13

Texas Wins: 9/13 pickers, avg score 24-14
BYU Wins: 4/13 pickers, avg score 22-19

Now, your turn. Can the Cougars shock the nation?



  1. birtcn

    September 7, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    UT – 27 BYU 10

  2. Cader

    September 7, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Y- 24 – UT-17

  3. Sanpete

    September 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    My optimistic prediction for Virginia was way off. My optimistic prediction this time: BYU 28-27.

  4. Nick Newman

    September 7, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    BYU 10, Texas 7. Not going to be a great offensive game.

  5. Sanpete

    September 7, 2013 at 11:22 pm