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BYU v. Utah State Prediction Thread

The Brigham Young Cougars and Utah State Aggies battle  in a Friday night showdown on CBSSports. Here is how the Loyal Cougars staff believes the contest will go:

Jake: In the immortal words of the great Kevin Garnett, we’re gonna see a bar fight here on Friday night. The return of Jamaal Williams and a few big catches from Cody Hoffman will help spark the offense. The defense will give up big chunks of yards through the air but will clamp down in crunch time. BYU 23 Utah State 17

Charles: BYU’s defense continues to be the bright spot but special teams provides the edge in bring home the old wagon wheel. BYU 27 Utah State 23

Geoff: Like last year, the defenses should still lead the way. But look for BYU to serve up a healthy dose of Taters for this Friday night potluck in Logan. BYU 17 USU 14

Brandon: In 2012, BYU’s defense held Utah State to only 41 rushing yards and only two trips into the Red Zone. Both defenses are still outstanding and scoring will come at a premium yet again. Look for BYU to run on the Aggies just well enough to make the difference in the game. If BYU can win/tie the turnover margin, and I expect they will correct last week’s miscues, look for BYU to leave Logan with a victory… BYU 20, USU 16 

Adam: The passing game improves and KVN has a monster game. BYU 24 Utah State 21

Brett: I hate myself. USU 23 BYU 20 (OT)

Ryan: Because God has a sense of humor and the BYU defense is in Chuckie “Cheeses” Keaton’s head. Don’t expect any improvement in the passing game because Anae won’t call enough quick pass plays, opting instead for those that require Taysom Hill to make reads and wait for the play to develop, which hasn’t worked this season. BYU 6 USU 3

Evan: Like Brett, I also hate myself. Of course, there are other things I hate too, but primarily what I feel when I’m watching BYU’s third down offense, is hatred for myself. This is who we are, and this is what we get for being who we are: a four-point loss to Utah F. State. USU 27 BYU 23

Presten: Through adversity, struggles, questionable play calling, and a dropped passes, BYU finds a way to squeak out a last minute win and avoid the ire of the world’s largest FFA club. They’ll be too busy milking Aggies during “The Scotsman” to notice they couldn’t storm the field.

BYU Application Accepted: 24

BYU Application Rejected: 21

Sean: Chuckie Keeton burns the Cougar front seven on enough plays to help the Aggies take a touchdown-length lead midway into the third quarter. But BYU rallies to win. BYU 28 Utah State 24

Matt: Despite some improvement in the passing game, the Cougars offense comes up short on drives in the second half. Utah State 24 BYU 17

Steve: I have no rationale for this prediction. The last four weeks of predictions have taught me that I have no earthly ability to project what will happen in a football game. I’m really just picking numbers that feel reasonable at this point. Aggies win a close one, the gnashing of teeth continues.  Utah State 24 BYU 21

Greg: I expect four quarters of a low-scoring, hard-fought game. Perhaps BYU fans can feel a little optimism that Utah State has had even less luck with low-scoring and close games the past few years. That could give BYU a chance to eek out a win in extra time. BYU 30 Utah State 27 (2OT)

Aaron: BYU is going to party like it’s 1999! BYU 47 Utah State 10

How do you think the game will turn out? Can the Cougars exorcise the 2010 demon and win in Logan?