Loyal Cougars

Chris Petersen’s thoughts on BYU

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen spoke to the local media on Monday afternoon and discussed the upcoming game against BYU. Petersen is not only a great football coach but a tremendous interview. Candid, honest, and forthright. I compiled a few quotes from Petersen as they relate directly to the Cougars. You can watch the entire interview here.

First thoughts on BYU

“They got a heck of a squad. Really good players. All-American type players. This will be a big test for us, no question.”

On BYU’s offense

“They played to the quarterback’s strengths and they are hard to defend.” “[Hill] is a warrior. He carries the ball like a running back. Has a very strong arm. He is a tough guy to defend. Taysom is going to break tackles. Not only can he outrun you but he’s gonna break tackles. He kinda has that linebacker mentality.”

Taysom Hill, in particular

“He is different than the other running quarterbacks we have faced.”

“He just runs guys over and kinda looks at em when they get up.”

What did Houston do to score 46 points?

“Well, they kinda had things line up for them. Hit a long pass that looked like offensive pass interference to me. Some weird, different stuff. It wasn’t like they were marching down the field on these guys.”

What was it last year that gave you guys so much trouble?

“They just get off blocks. They play really hard. Everybody has a different scheme. Like I always say, the scheme works if you got some players and you coach it up. They got players and obviously they coach it up good…this [defense] has always been Bronco’s baby. They know what they want to do. Very physical. Keep coming at you.”

Have you had a tougher challenge than going to BYU with a backup quarterback?

“I think you’re right on it. BYU is a really, really good team. This is going to be a tough challenge.”