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Rise & Shout Video: What is Taysom Hill’s ceiling?

The boys are back on YouTube, and this time it’s to discuss Taysom Hill and whether he’s turned a corner in the passing game, and what his ceiling really is. Are these eye-popping numbers for real?  And just how real are they?

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  1. Dr. Nick

    October 25, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Hi Adam and Matt — Here’s a TweetBag(TM) question for you from tweet-less fan. I’ve run the numbers and if BYU wins out they would be ranked somewhere in the 11-15 range in the BCS computers (using the last 5 years as a guide and assuming their strength of schedule doesn’t take a hit from some one lijke Texas or GT taking a nose-dive). I know it’s too early, but is there a chance BYU finally busts the BCS in it’s last year of existence?