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‘Crootin: Geoff Martzen answers all your signing day questions

BYU’s director of player personnel fielded a bevy of questions from fans after the bulk of signing day activities were over. Answers were had.

In what hopefully becomes and annual tradition, BYU’s Director of Player Personnel Geoff Martzen held an epic 90-minute Twitter press conference of sorts after BYU’s signing day was finished. Geoff fielded dozens of questions from fans about the new recruits and returning missionaries for BYU football.

Below is a transcript of selected questions and answers Yes, he answered a lot, so we have 4 pages worth.

First up, our official account asked a few questions that apparently bothered some message-boarders. C’mon y’all. BYU had a great day, Martzen was in a great mood. Let loose a little.

LoyalCougars “Which coach had the best celebration over the day’s most-exciting news?”

Geoff Martzen “When we found out about Uriah this morning, Tujague and Poppinga had the best reaction. Whole staff was fired up though.”

LoyalCougars  “In the most-descriptive English possible, describe the kind of dance moves @Coach2J displayed at that time. :-)”

Geoff Martzen “He’s a Jersey Shore Fist Pumper.”

* * * * *

Adrian Jenkins  “Who in your opinion will make an impact immediately?”

Geoff Martzen “Nick Kurtz and Jordan Leslie!.”

* * * * *

Ben”Was the anti-BYU/church bias really as prevalent this year and if so what do you and the staff do to counter it?”

Geoff Martzen “I’m sure it’s out there, haters gonna hate. We just have to show people what we really are when they visit.”

* * * * *

Nate Watson  “Who surprised you the most by committing? (at any point in the process).”

Geoff Martzen “Uriah Leiataua.”

* * * * *

Josh Cann  “Who did you know you had in the bag before going into today?”

Geoff Martzen “Most guys committed early, Uriah we knew late, Warner was a hot commodity late.”

* * * * *

@Doug_McClellan  “How many of the new guys will be taking a mission next season?”

Geoff Martzen “9”

* * * * *

Jimmy Miller “Who are the guys going straight on missions?”

Geoff Martzen  “(Hearing) Kaufusi, Dawe, Chambers, Fuga, Mariner, Nacua, Bushman, Leiataua.”

* * * * *

@JordanJWoods  “My only question: Will you promise to stick around forever?

Geoff Martzen “I love BYU. Forever is a long time though.”

* * * * *

@Ride4My9ers “Out of the guys who signed today, who would be your team captain? And why?”

Geoff Martzen “Way too many perfect BYU fits to choose! Cook, Kurtz, Leiataua, Warner jump straight to mind.”

* * * * *

@cjhirschi “How influential was @jswaggdaddy (Jamaal Williams) & @uclagrad90 (Jamaal’s mother Nicole) in getting Blackmon to BYU?”

Geoff Martzen  “They were crucial”

@uclagrad90 “The coaches played an imp role and the atmosphere at the school and Alumni Tony Crutchfield…”

* * * * *

@austin_morinda “You envision blackmon playing slot and returning punts? or will be more of an outside threat?”

Geoff Martzen “He can do it all. Definitely return man, can play any WR spot.”

* * * * *

@PolarCoug  “Congrats on a job well done! What do you consider your biggest success in this class?”

Geoff Martzen “Competing with and beating the big dawgs for some major prospects!”

* * * * *

@corbin_emerick “How do you envision Blackmon being used?”

Geoff Martzen “Return man, every WR spot”

* * * * *

@accounderson  “What can fans do to help future recruiting efforts for you and BYU in general?”

Geoff Martzen “Keep loving and supporting the program, sell out every home game.”

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