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Writers, fans, Texas itself react after BYU shellacking

I promise this isn’t mean-spirited. After experiencing war after war between BYU fans after losses — especially those ready to fire both Anae and Bronco after a tough road loss last week — I needed to take a peek inside another fanbase and see how other fans react.

The result: Texas fans are not happy — nor would I expect them to be. It’s not every day (or any day in 120 years) you get stampeded for 550 rushing yards. Here’s a smattering of reactions from the Texas interwebs.

From Scipio Tex, writer at Texas site Barking Carnival:

“Gutless, soft, undisciplined, horribly coached, and scared. Those are just a few of the kinder descriptives that came to mind while watching Texas embarrass itself on national television. That’s Texas Football after the “rebuild” under Mack Brown. When do we end this charade?”

“What a farce of a program. This team has actual talent. They’re just not being coached, led, or developed. I’m not even angry. Just resigned.”

From these commenters at Burnt Orange Nation who want the whole athletic department cleaned:

BON comments 1

(click all pics to enlarge)

From an anonymous comment on Yahoo!’s news story of the game:

yahoo comment

From Burnt Orange Nation‘s Peter Bean, and also some SEO-savvy editors at BON:

If there was any remaining doubt, tonight put it to rest: we’re a volleyball school.

Hey, us too!

And the SEO-savvy:

BON url link

BON url link 2


Well, Burnt Orange Nation’s editors and this prescient commenter should be glad to know Texas has indeed fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, and Greg Robinson will take his place.

It’s been a long, long time since BYU has straight dominated a “big game,” so enjoy it Cougar fans. I’m currently quite happy with Bronco Mendenhall, Robert Anae, and pretty much every assistant coach right now. Texas has reached that breaking point — I hope no breaking points arise for BYU for many seasons. Because, like Scipio Tex illustrates in comments about Diaz’s firing, despair/anger/apathy can hit hard:

“Greg Davis and Manny Diaz were guillotined in the square. Rightfully. But the heads that need to roll are attached to bodies much higher on the org chart … We just threw a deficient deck chair over the rails of a sinking Titanic. Enjoy your brief recline.”


  1. Sanpete

    September 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Fans, as the word the term is short for would suggest, aren’t the most reasonable creatures on earth! I don’t know enough to judge the Texas situation, but the ridiculous reactions to the Virginia loss were enough to stop me reading a certain fan board for a while (even though it’s a great source of news). The fan reaction is often more embarrassing than anything that happens on the field.

    • Brett Hein

      September 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm

      Yeah, fans can get a little crazy. I personally feel, however, that Texas fans probably have a more legit gripe against underperforming than BYU fans. BYU has academic/honor-code limitations, relatively miniscule budget. Texas has the largest budget in the country, an amazingly rich history, and should always be a Top 20 team. Always. So I can understand it from Longhorn fans.

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